Thanks for visiting this photoblog. This blog contains posts from a photoaday challenge I undertook in 2011/12.

It was an incredible and hugely enjoyable experience doing it and one I’d recommend to any aspiring photographer. I hope you like the shots I took throughout the 366 days. Any feedback and thoughts on these photos is still very much appreciated.

About me.

I am a professional wedding and corporate event photographer based in London with a passion for street photography and urbex.

You can keep up to date with my new photoblog at robcartwrightphotoblog.wordpress.com

You can find my main website at robcartwrightphotography.com

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47 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Rob. Your photos are gorgeous. I am a writer, but I look around at the physical world and see snatches of stories everywhere, and try to catch them with my camera. I see that in your photography. Best of luck with your photo-a-day challenge. Too often the camera comes out only when we travel, and on holidays, but now I am going to leave mine in the front hall, just in case. Naomi Baltuck, Writing Between the Lines.

    • Naomi, thanks so much for the very, very kind feedback! It’s extremely appreciated.

      Totally agree with what you say regarding the camera seemingly only coming out on certain occasions – lugging a dSLR and a couple of lenses around with you 90% of the time can be a pain but boy can it pay dividends – so many transitory moments you can capture – from golden hour sunlight through forest trees, to a cyclist whizzing past on a bustling city centre street.

      The structure of a 365 project just encourages you to keep looking beyond the oblivious to see subjects and moments, you – and others – might otherwise have missed. That’s one of the key things I’m loving about it – it’s often the days when you think, “what on earth am I going to shoot today that is interesting, beautiful, builds on what I’ve done previously?” that you push yourself harder, see something new, or take a fresh look at something old and produce a shot that works.

      Glad you like the work and good luck with your writing – keep shooting away with your camera as well!

    • Ha! Hopefully soon – photographic knowledge, techinque and eye are a journey in my view, and I’m still fairly near the start. Thank you for the very lovely compliment though!

  2. They don’t look amateurish to me at all. Thanks for sharing these photos. Can’t wait to see more of Scotland (btw, think you made a typo, it’s Ecosse in French). When are you coming to paris to take pictures?

    • Hi Julie, many thanks! Really pleased you’ve enjoyed the shots thus far. Merci beaucoup for the heads up on the typo. My girlfriend is obsessed with Paris so probably sometime in 2012 I’d imagine. Bonne Année!

    • Wow, tough question. It depends on a massive range of things:

      1). What are you shooting on now: compact, bridge, CSC, DSLR

      2). What type of camera are you looking to get (as list above). If you’re not shooting a DSLR already and that’s what you’re looking upgrade to, just get an entry-level DSLR with a kit lens (complement it with more lenses later). You’ll get a fantastic couple of years out of an entry-level if this is the stage you’re at and then you’ll be ready to upgrade again.

      3). If you are shooting DSLR currently then what make it is (Canon, Nikon, Sony etc) will be an important factor – do you like the menus, functionality of that brand, have you got any compatible lenses you’d like to keep if possible?

      4). Budget – this is a big one! As well as a camera body, really think about accessories you might need/want too – cards, spare batteries, bag, tripod, flash, remote release etc etc… – these all add up.

      5). What type(s) of photography you’re interested in and hoping to shoot. Different cameras are good for different disciplines and styles (landscapes, portraits, nature, sport, night, street photography etc) for a variety of reasons – research will pay off.

      Whatever you’re shooting now the MOST IMPORTANT consideration (and there are tons of articles to this effect out there) – only get new gear if you genuinely feel you have hit a ceiling with your current set up and there’s more you could/would like to do if you had better gear.

      If this isn’t the case, save your cash for now and spend it later (when there have been further advances and/or prices may have fallen).

      It’s easy to feel that you’ll take better shots with superior gear. There’s only a small amount of truth in that for the vast majority of people. Get everything out of your current gear first – hone your technique – your understanding of composition, lighting, aperture, shutter speed, creative exposure, post-processing and continue to develop your unique personal style.

      If you do genuinely feel that you have hit a ceiling with your current gear and there’s more you’d like to do if you had kit capable of it, then go for it, but consider the first five points above very carefully.

      There are a million articles, blogposts and forums out there about which cameras are good for what, one brand’s xyz model vs. a rival firm’s and good accessories to get. All this will depend on what you’re shooting with currently, which level you’re looking to move up to, your budget and – if you’re already shooting with a DSLR – which brand it is, if you want to continue with that and if you have transferable lenses etc. Read, research and post some questions in a few relevant forums too – that will help you narrow your search.

      Hope this helps a bit in the decision making process.

      Happy shooting! : )

  3. ohhhh, i didnt expect such a professional answer, lol. i just use “point and shoot” – Nikon coolpix today. i’m fine when i shoot sceneries, but it’s not good at shooting people. so i plan to buy a new one.
    it’s flexible for me now. “point and shoot” would be great, since i’m not professional and prefer easy light one. if DSLR, it must be an entry-level one, but have to be LIGHT. i can’t take a heavy one. i heard there’s one kind between p&s and DSLR, light but with good lens, but i’m not sure about the quality.
    usually i use camera during travelling, so i guess it’s more about landscapes, portraits, nature 😀
    and thanks again for your input.
    p.s. i do really love that driver photo!

    • Hi, we’re both Norfolk boys but mine’s Norfolk, England. Thanks for the very kind comment and, yes, I’ve just started using Silver Efex Pro 2 which is immense – so much control over the tones within your images. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone working heavily in mono. Loving your B&W French street shots, your Cassis stuff took me back too – such a wonderful part of the world! Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future. Many thanks.

  4. Just came across your site, because you’re using the same Nishita theme that I am. You may, technically, be an ‘amateur’, but trust me, your work is every bit as good as any professional. You’ve created some stunning images. Respect.

    • Hi Kevan,

      Really kind of you to say. Thanks so much for the positive feedback, it is very appreciated. Nishita’s a great shout for a theme – it showcases images fantastically well I think.

      Cheers, Rob.

  5. Rob, your entirely welcome. My daughter is doing photography for A-level: I’ll certainly point her at your site for inspiration.

    I’ve just approved your access to my site: I’m right in the middle of developing it, and don’t want it to go public until I’ve done. If you visit it you’ll see that at the moment there’s virtually nothing under ‘work’. Getting your best stuff together when you make video takes for ever!

    I look forward to seeing your future work.

    Best, Kevan

    • Thanks Kevan, looking forward to seeing your stuff. I’ve mainly been follow photography blogs so far so it’ll be great to see some video work! How exciting for your daughter – an amazing opportunity to develop her skills and her own style.

    • Thank you Andrea. I’m just checking out your site – amazing work!! Love the cat photos!! Your portraits really stunning. Thanks again for the kind comment and for the follow.

    • Thanks so much – really, really kind of you to say!! I’m loving working in B&W more and more – something about it really speaks to me. There’s just so much drama in a monochrome image. Keep watching this space for plenty more shots…!

  6. I love your work it is fantastic! Do you sell your pictures? I hope you keep going. The one I find the most appealing is the merry-go-round. There is something about it it seems to jump out of the page and pull you in at the same time.

  7. Hi Rob, your photography is both a journey and an inspiration. I think if you look at the photo and want to be there or imagine what is happening there then it is a great experience worth having and sharing. And this is what I got by browsing through your work. Thank you!

  8. You have a marvelous blog here Rob and I am sure you have been credited many times before on the quality of your photos. But seriously, you have a talent. I was in Scotland last summer so i enjoy looking at photos that remind me of the beautiful country.

    • Thanks for the really positive feedback – extremely kind of you to say! Scotland is just such a beautiful place – there’s just too many stunning locations to shoot! Glad you liked it when you visited. Cheers.

    • Thanks very much!! I shoot with a Nikon D700 which I absolutely love – it’s such a great camera and I feel very privileged to have one. I also shoot some of my stuff on a Nikon V1 which I got back in March but I tend to say in a post when I’ve taken a shot on that.

        • Cool! I don’t think you can go far wrong if you’ve got either a Canon or a Nikon DSLR in your hand to be honest – they’re so closely matched. I just happened to become a Nikon kid as I got a D40 on a deal as my first DSLR. My best friend shoots Canon and loves them. How are the 10,000 photos coming along? Amazing challenge Clio – well done!

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