My New Portraiture Project – The Finsbury Fifty

I just started a new portraiture project called The Finsbury Fifty.

I’ll be taking fifty portraits of fifty people, all on a 50mm lens, all in Finsbury Park in North London.

You can check out The Finsbury Fifty project here:

Here’s a little taste of what you’ll find over there: this is shot #1, a guy called Mohammad, collecting for children’s charities in a rocking outfit in Finsbury Park tube station…

street photography streettogs city urban finsbury park islington london portrait portraiture rob cartwright bokeh tube underground tunnel fancy dress charity fundraiser red man glasses

Check out the rest of my portraits at


4 thoughts on “My New Portraiture Project – The Finsbury Fifty

  1. Hi Rob, great idea. I really like your pic of Dana, she has a wonderful smile. I look forward to you other portraits

    • Cool, thanks Wayne, I’m really glad you like the concept of the project and I have to agree with you about Dana – a brilliant subject – she had a light-up-the-street smile and she had such an amazing personality. Always makes for a captivating shot! Cheers!

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