New Blog!

Hi all,

Just a quick one to, first of all, say a huge thank you to all the likers, commenters and followers of my 365 challenge blog – this has been an incredible life-enriching learning experience for me and I want to express my gratitude to those who joined me on the journey and have offered kind words and amazing support.

I now have a new blog (still keeping it WordPress!!) over at – please feel free to head over and have a look!

Many thanks,


parliament hill camden blue sky clouds city bench green grass hampstead heath park london landscape rob cartwright

notting hill carnival london 2012 kensingston chelsea black & white bw bnw mono portrait street photography streettogs man guy sexy smoking cigarette shades sunglasses beard hat bokeh rob cartwright

slow club band charles guitar guitarist singing gig concert show live music photography folk indie duo bokeh blue rebecca hackney house london rob cartwright


17 thoughts on “New Blog!

    • Hey Fiona, yes, I’ve stopped posting images on this blog. I did consider carrying on through this blog but I preferred the idea of this remaining as a kind of time capsule of the 365 challenge and the new blog could be a fresh start.

  1. I’ve really, really enjoyed the 365 blog. I’ll miss the gritty B&W Glasgow scenes, but I’ll follow you on your new London-ized blog now! — Paula

    • Thanks Paula, that’s really kind and I’m so pleased you liked the blog! I’ll definitely miss the Glasgow scenes (such a great city – they’ll be a few more shots when I visit now and then though) but they’ll also be plenty of B+W on the new blog too!! Thanks again!

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