Soar Above: Saturday 30 June (365.360° Day 342)

A bird soars over the tenements of Glasgow’s West End.

partick sky clouds bird flying tenements photo glasgow scotland street photography city urban bw black & white B&W monochrome nikon V1 photoaday cartwright

Taken on my Nikon V1.

Instagram: @robjbc


11 thoughts on “Soar Above: Saturday 30 June (365.360° Day 342)

    • Glasgow has some truly amazing architecture and the often over-looked stars of the place are arguably the hundreds of streets of beautiful tenements throughout the city that each have their own character through unique ornate carvings of the stone or the colour of it (from deep red sandstone to a subtle blond that blushes with golden hour light on it).

      A do love a bird in a shot too, particularly in flight – it adds life, movement and, as you said, there’s so much symbolic power in the fact that they can just take off and leave it all – something we can’t physically do but an image that can evoke something poignant in the majority of us who have felt imprisoned at some point by elements of our everyday lives (work, bills, people, consumerism, traffic etc etc).

    • I did get lucky inasmuch as a couple of gulls were hanging about on top of one of the rows of tenements and would head off for a little circuit over the street every few minutes. The two of them always being nearby did help a lot. Even so, I was probably there for a good half an hour before I bagged the perfect shot…

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