Moving: Monday 11 June (365.360° Day 323)

By no means the most interesting shot I’ve taken on the blog, it may well even be the least so. It does, however, completely sum up these few days in mid-June for me and I like the idea that, as well as having been a platform for me to both improve and promote my photography, this 365 day challenge is also a kind of time capsule of a year in my life.

The reason this image completely sums up this period for me? My girlfriend and I spent more than a week packing our life up to move from Glasgow to London and so these few days and bubble wrap, packing boxes and brown tape are inextricably linked in my mind forevermore. Blimey, it was hard work!

photography photo picture image glasgow scotland nikon d700 project365 365project photoaday packing boxes bubblewrap moving house

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4 thoughts on “Moving: Monday 11 June (365.360° Day 323)

  1. Where abouts have you moved to? I moved to London about this time last year came from the middle of nowhere to islington, what a culture shock ehh? Hope you enjoy it!

    • Hi Adam, moved to Finsbury from Glasgow so maybe not such a culture shock compared to moving to the city from the sticks but London is just a different level from every other city. Loving it so far though, good place to live!

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