Gartloch Asylum: Sunday 3 June (365.360° Day 315)

I’d been out to Gartloch a few weeks earlier with my friend Kim who is writing about the old district asylums of Glasgow for her PHD – she wanted a B&W shot for the cover of her thesis. Unfortunately the sky was completely blue (nice in general but a bit rubbish photographically) so I said I’d head out again at some point to bag a shot.

On the Saturday I went to see a midnight showing of Prometheus (meh) with a couple of friends and by the time I got home it was around 3am. I decided – as you don’t – to just stay up for the couple of hours until sunrise. As dawn approached it looked like it was going to be a good one so I jumped in the car and headed East on the M8 not finding much that caught my eye en route so I made my way up to Gartloch.

The hospital closed in 1996. Only recently the floors inside the main building collapsed. Some of the adjoining buildings still have curtains eerily blowing out of the smashed glass windows. Several of the buildings on the site have been developed as flats that sit just metres from this spooky gothic main building – it must be very strange to live up there…

HDR photography photo gartloch asylum ruined abandoned derelict decay building architecture glasgow scotland bw black & white B&W monochrome nikon d700 wide angle sky clouds rob cartwright 2

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