Broomhill: Thursday 31 May (365.360° Day 312)

Some of Glasgow’s most beautiful tenements, on Broomhill Drive in the city’s West End.

broomhill drive street west end tenements architecture buildings houses hdr photography photo picture glasgow scotland bw black & white B&W monochrome nikon d700 photoaday rob cartwright

Instragram: @robjbc


8 thoughts on “Broomhill: Thursday 31 May (365.360° Day 312)

  1. Nice even light and strong crisp detail. I very much like the way the towering cloud stops the movement from going out of the picture. Have you filtered your image, I like the contrasts.

    • Ta muchly John, glad you like it. The brooding cloud at the left does add something to it doesn’t it? Otherwise that space could easily be quite dead. This is a three shot HDR to get the range between the buildings and the sky which did have some very bright areas. No time for filtering proper – grabbed this in about five minutes during my lunch break! Thanks.

    • They’re pretty stunning buildings it has to be said – have wanted to capture than for a while and that brooding sky just adds to their majesty I feel. Many thanks!

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