A Walk Under Kelvinbridge: Thursday 17 May (365.360° Day 298)

Cobblestones pave the way below historic Kelvinbridge.

kelvinbridge night cobblestones setts wide angle photography photo picture image glasgow scotland bw black and white B&W mono monochrome nikon d700 photoaday

Instragram: @robjbc


8 thoughts on “A Walk Under Kelvinbridge: Thursday 17 May (365.360° Day 298)

  1. Very nice location with great light off damp surface and interesting recession and detail in bridge etc. There are some black holes here and there though which would have benefitted from a little filling. The left wall is very dominant and perhaps some vignetting would have helped. Otherwise a cracking viewpoint. If this is too critical, please delete it Rob. Otherwise I am happy to correspond. Regards, John.

    • Cheers for all the thoughts on this John.

      I used my SB-900 to fill in some of the recessed and darkened areas which it did slightly (this was over a long exposure – about 20 secs I think – so I could get good DOF throughout the shot, stop down to ‘star’ the lights and have time to move to different areas to add some fill. So, it did have an effect but perhaps not as huge as it could’ve been. I guess areas of shadow are important too in an image like this so I’m not too disappointed with how it turned out in that regard.

      I take your point on the left wall. I had actually played around with the vignetting but I felt a strong vignette just didn’t look right to me and seemed to quell an opportunity to utilise the wall as a lead in (especially the two lines of bricks leading in top left). A very subtle amount of vignette was added in Silver Efex Pro along with a subtle edge burn on that left hand side too but I very much kept things on the delicate side. Thanks.

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