Tube: Thursday 26 April (365.360° Day 277)

It’s been a while since my last post as I’ve been busy moving down to London. All sorted now and back online (yay!) so expect a flurry of posts henceforth…

So, this is the view down a tunnel of Glasgow’s subway from the platform end at Buchanan Street.

Strathclyde Partnership for Transport are soon to ban all image capturing anywhere on the subway network under the banner of  terrorism prevention. While I agree that organisational diligence and the safety of passengers are crucial, I very much feel it’s more than just a little heavy-handed and a terrible call on SPT’s part.

Subway Glasgow Scotland SPT tube underground transport tunnel rail train track dark city photography photo picture image bw black and white B&W mono monochrome nikon d700 project365 365project photoaday

Instragram: @robjbc


4 thoughts on “Tube: Thursday 26 April (365.360° Day 277)

  1. Love the pic lots. I took a bollocking a few months back from the Brighton Station Staff, when taking shots of the Station etc, then threatened with the Transport Police if I continued to take pics. Got a few shots and posted them anyhow… Get what you can while you can!

    • Thanks Andy. That sounds pretty heavy-handed – it’s just so often so unnecessary and just feels a bit like people justifying their jobs or exercising their control if only to satisfy their god complex. Good for you on getting your shots and posting – you’re a photographer not a terrorist reconnaissance expert after all!

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