Glasgow Science Centre: Friday 27 April (365.360° Day 278)

I nipped down to the Clydeside to grab some shots of the futuristic-looking Science Centre as I’ve never really shot it before.

It was so insanely cold up there, particularly for this set up – standing on some steps, completely exposed and right next to the river. It felt like my fingers would have to be amputated at the end of it and I was only there for about 20 minutes. Fingerless gloves probably didn’t help with this much it has to be noted.

I have to say I was utterly amazed when I got back into my car and the dashboard display informed me it was actually 9°c! Nine degrees celsius!?! The wind chill must have been about -20.

It took sooo long to warm up….

science centre pacific quay river clyde bbc wide angle lens sky night photography photo picture image glasgow scotland architecture building nikon d700 project365 365project photoaday

Instragram: @robjbc


6 thoughts on “Glasgow Science Centre: Friday 27 April (365.360° Day 278)

    • It was indeed. Crazy I know! March was fairly nice and had some pretty mild days but April was very rainy and large parts were quite chilly too. To be fair, the air temp was 42F here which is reasonable I guess for a Spring night, it was just the wind chill whipping off the river that was a killer!

      • So I have all rights to complain about 103 degrees here in Texas today. I would LOVE cold, rainy weather. –Paula

        • Ha! Maybe you should take a springtime visit to Scotland then – could be right up your alley! I would have gone for some 103 heat to bring my core temp back up after this!

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