Gary: Saturday 28 April (365.360° Day 279)

I took an afternoon walk down by the River Kelvin as the light was pretty good. I was scoping a few shots near to the weir where I was shooting a couple of days before when this guy turned up and started chatting to me about the heron and otters he sees each day on his walk to work that are often around this spot.

We got chatting – as you invariably do to Glaswegians who have an alcohol container of some form in their grasp.

It turns out Gary was just walking back from a Republican rally he’d been attending in Glasgow’s East End at which he’d been playing the flute. It was fascinating discussing the issues around sectarianism in Glasgow with him, particularly as he stated he didn’t feel massive affinity with the Republican cause, that he’d been indoctrinated – like so many – by his father and grandfather and that he was adamant today was to be his last rally; he was hanging up his flute – which he’d been playing since school – for good.

He also talked with great concern about how his own son was now getting keen to attend rallies to play music, and about how he’s currently locked in a battle of wills with his Dad, begging him not to give his boy the contacts of those involved, fearful that his son will get sucked ever deeper into an involvement with the Republican movement in Glasgow.

You can’t really make it out here but the badge on his hat reads, “You may kill the people but you will never kill the cause”.

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Instragram: @robjbc


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