Be Kind: Sunday 15 April (365.360° Day 266)

I was up pretty early to watch the Chinese Grand Prix so I nipped out to grab a few quick shots of the beautiful sidelight of sunrise glinting off the tenements of Great George Street when I spotted this sign offering some sage advice.

architecture tenement west end st george street photography photo picture image glasgow scotland nikon d700 project365 365project photoaday sunrise sunny sun natural light sign message sky

Instragram: @robjbc


3 thoughts on “Be Kind: Sunday 15 April (365.360° Day 266)

  1. your photos have such awesome lighting in them all
    i like the somewhat quirky “be kind” notice in that upper window

    • Cheers Chloe, these buildings just love golden hour light – they were built for one another! I liked the sign too, just caught my eye – the kind of thing most other people probably miss. That’s one of the things I really love about making photography a bug part of your life – it opens your eyes to the world more fully – you’re constantly looking up, behind, beyond, wondering what’s around that corner or behind that door and taking the time out to search.

      I really liked looking through your blog by the way – some really great work on there, a real breadth of material and kudos on your B&W challenge – I love a mono image and I think working with B&W really pushes your technique and eye to new levels too!

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