Colin: Thursday 12 April (365.360° Day 263)

I was walking to a meeting about shooting a few magazine covers as the sun started to dip in the sky when I spotted this guy sitting outside the pub, polishing off the last of his pint.

Now most people who’ve lived in Glasgow’s West End for more than a few weeks will have seen Colin walking around with his sheepdog in full Highland tartan (Colin that is, not the dog). He looks like a complete dude basically. I’ve always wanted to grab him for portrait so – having five minutes to spare before my meeting – I took my chance.

It’s always a little weird approaching a complete stranger with your camera, especially when they’re just relaxing on their own, and asking them if you can take their photo. Colin, to his credit, was an absolute gem and very obliging. His sheepdog (just out of frame sadly) is a real sweetheart too.

tartan portrait portraiture man male scot scottish pint pub sunlight sun traditional highland bokeh 50mm photo image glasgow scotland street photography city bw black and white B&W monochrome nikon d700 photoaday hat feather natural light backlit blur blurred background old schoolhouse woodlands west end gibson st streettogs haggismunchers posed

Instragram: @robjbc


4 thoughts on “Colin: Thursday 12 April (365.360° Day 263)

  1. I love your street shots, even the ones that aren’t portraits. I have difficulty approaching strangers too, as if I’m pointing out their uniqueness in a suspicious manner.

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