Ashton Lane: Friday 30 March (365.360° Day 250)

Ashton Lane was humming as ever this Friday night but I love the eeriness of this shot I grabbed in amongst the throng.

ashton lane west end glasgow scotland setts cobblestones night lonely simple eerie mysterious photo picture image street photography city urban bw black & white B&W mono monochrome nikon D700 project365 365project

Instragram: @robjbc


6 thoughts on “Ashton Lane: Friday 30 March (365.360° Day 250)

  1. Hi Rob great lighting and textures. This is right up my alley so speak I love back lit cobbles. Hopefully you have a frame with next step on it so the shadow and drain cover are separated? If you did it might be an idea to think about removing the drain cover and darkening the brighter tones on the LHS wall. Thanks for sharing. Andy

    • Hi Andy, many thanks for the kind words and good tips. Didn’t bag the next step unfortunately and, in truth, not sure if it would’ve worked based on others I took – it was very much a fine balance of getting just one person in shot and also far enough back in the shot that the whole shadow was in the lit area and recognisable as a person – a step or two further on and it was too indistict. Take on board your thoughts about the drain cover but don’t think I’ve quite got the patience for that much fiddly editting! A lazy purist! Thanks again, Rob.

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