Driving Up Highway 1: Tuesday 20 March (365.360° Day 240)

An amazing drive along the stunningly scenic Highway 1 back up to San Francisco from beautiful Pismo Beach where we’d spent the night.

A seal sunbathes on a beach just off Highway 1.

Seal sunbathing sunbathe nature coast sea beach sand sleeping basking California CA Highway 1 America USA US united states travel roadtrip nikon D40 photography photo image bw black & white mono monochrome

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. Wow.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park California CA beach coast sea pacific Highway 1 waterfall flowers landscape wide angle America USA US united states travel roadtrip nikon D40 photography photo picture image

Santa Cruz Beach.

Santa Cruz California CA America amusement park fairground Carousel beach coast USA US united states travel roadtrip nikon D40 sky clouds photography photo image bw black & white mono monochrome

Instragram: @robjbc


122 thoughts on “Driving Up Highway 1: Tuesday 20 March (365.360° Day 240)

  1. I am in love with the picture of the carousel. Fantastic. And the beach shot is amazing as well. I want to be sitting there right now. Looks like a lovely trip. 🙂

  2. Lovely stretch of highway! We did it the opposite way last year- Pismo area north to SF. Sadly, it was cloudy for part of the trip- gonna have to go back! Thanks for writing!

    • Cheers William, I use a Photoshop plug-in called Silver Efex Pro for converting my B&W images and use a split tone effect in that which mimics an old silver gelatin print, give the shadows a blueish tint and a slight yellowing to the highlights.

    • Thanks Ray – it helped that he’d flicked all that sand on his back to cool off a bit! Between that and the subtle lines of his fur there’s some really nice textures going on.

    • You have to go – such a cool little town. We had cocktails and a meal in a really nice Italian place in Pismo too. Can’t remember the name but it’s well worth tracking down!

  3. I love going to Santa Cruz Boardwalk and the world-famous 1924 Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster! What a beautiful sandy beach in a friendly beach town! Don’t you agree?

    • Hi Beth, sadly we arrived after the fair had finished up for the day so it was pretty quiet but it looks like it’d be so much fun in full swing and photographically it was a great stop on the journey. I’d love to go back!!

  4. I love the state park photo. It makes me want to be someplace like that right now, going for a long hike. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed and thanks for bringing a little color and beauty into my day. 🙂

    • No problem – glad you liked it and yeah, that State Park is stunning – wish we could have explored it for longer and I’d dearly love to go back.

    • Thank you Daniel! I normally use a Nikon D700 but that was being fixed while I was in the States unfortunately so all the USA shots are taken on my old D40 or a Nikon V1 I purchased for the trip.

  5. The carousel top contrasted against the chemtrail laiden sky is absolutely GORGEOUS. You have quite an eye, fella. That’s coming from another fellow artist too 🙂 Well done! Reblogging and shared on all the social networks. I have an artist collective and like to help out diy/indie creators/music/art when i have the time. it’s called theUNICORNeffect. welcome 🙂 keep up the fantastic work! peace!

  6. Reblogged this on unicornivore and commented:
    My favorite picture out of this series is definitely the last one. It’s of the top of a carousel contrasted against a chemtrail laiden sky it is absolutely gorgeous. I just had to reblog it and post it to all of my social networks. A damn fine job, Rob Cartwright Photography! Rock on!

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