500 Miles: Friday 16 March (365.360° Day 236)

Friday was a big day of driving – about 500 miles of road between Williams, AZ and our next home-from-home, the Cadillac Hotel in Venice.

We woke up in Williams, AZ which beautifully embodies everything great about historic Route 66. It’s just utterly brilliant and I thoroughly recommend stopping in to ‘cruise the loop’ as the locals say. The loop in question being the one-way system that makes up the town’s main road, part of which is the old 66. It’s littered with 50s/60s-feeling diners and motels and really does leave you with the impression that you’ve stepped back into a completely different era.

We dined the night before at Rod’s Steak House which was absolutely superb. If you get the chance, please go. An equally excellent breakfast was consumed at Pine Country before we set off on our mammoth drive towards L.A.

It was great to have the top down again, the temperature was hovering somewhere around the 80s and other cars on the road were few and far between…

The King, Cruisers Restaurant, Williams, Arizona.

Elvis Cruisers Cafe Route 66 Restaurant Williams AZ Arizona USA US united states america travel photography roadtrip The King nikon d40

An abandoned restaurant, somewhere near Amboy, CA.

Abandoned restaurant Amboy CA California America USA road roadtrip highway desolate empty lonely sunshine sun blue sky clouds sign roadkill travel photography deserted desert Amboy San Bernardino County CA California nikon d40

Instragram: @robjbc


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