The Last Train Out Of Hyndland: Thursday 16 February (365.360° Day 226)

I’ve been thinking about doing a shot up near Hyndland train station, where the track passes over a road, for a while now. After chilling for the evening at a friend’s nearby I decided to pull up for a minute and scope it out.

Most of the trackside area up next to the road was fenced off but I managed to find a pretty steep bank I could (barely) climb up that was open to the rail line (the trip back down was particularly, erm, interesting…)

I bagged five or six shots, with just the odd passing train and a few lurking foxes for company, then called it a night.

photography photo picture image glasgow scotland hyndland bw black and white B&W mono monochrome nikon d700 wide angle lens low angle leading lines vanishing point light trails train track rail line power cables clouds long exposure slow shutter night project365 365project photo a day


16 thoughts on “The Last Train Out Of Hyndland: Thursday 16 February (365.360° Day 226)

    • Hi, this is just one 156 second exposure. The light about a third of the way into the shot on the left behind the trees is a street light. The lights at ground level on the right are signalling lights for the trains – normally only one of them is on at any one time but over a nigh-on three minute exposure, both of them show up.

    • Thanks Christianne. Really glad you like it and that it inspired you! Definitely keep shooting every chance you get – it’s the single biggest thing that will improve your photos, whatever stage you’re at. Many thanks again, I very much appreciate the kind feedback.

  1. Amazing, very inspiring, well done!! I try and get out with my camera everyday and I was just hunting around for more inspiration, ……………….look no further 🙂

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