Game Over: Tuesday 31 January (365.360° Day 210)

A desolate basketball court in Glasgow’s East End.

photography photo picture image glasgow scotland east end graffiti treet photography city urban bw black and white B&W mono monochrome basketball court game playground empty desolate lonely abandoned moody brooding clouds sky urban city gritty HDR wide angle nikon d700 project365 365project photo a day


9 thoughts on “Game Over: Tuesday 31 January (365.360° Day 210)

    • Fiona, I used my 16 – 35mm wide angle lens at 16mm and I was crouched right down at one end of the court with camera pointing up to the sky at around about 45°.

      • hey Rob, after i asked this question, i just realized how silly i was, cuz i’ll never fully understand a professional answer as you just did, lol.
        i guess what i tried to express yesterday is, no matter what kinda lens are used, without a great photographer, without those sharp eyes which are good at identifying beauty, without those minds which carry persistence and creativity, there won’t be great photos, especially those with souls.

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