Reaching Out: Sunday 29 January (365.360° Day 208)

Reaching out.

photography photo picture image glasgow scotland street photography candid portrait portraiture father and son family glass window reflection reflected mirror image 50mm byres road west end city urban bw black and white B&W mono monochrome nikon d700 project365 365project photo a day


9 thoughts on “Reaching Out: Sunday 29 January (365.360° Day 208)

    • Hi Claire, I find it’s a real mix and that that works well to balance ‘the day job’, photography and the other parts of my life. By that I mean sometimes I do plan specific shots or set aside time to purely go out and explore and shoot. The rest of the time I tend to just take my camera with me near enough everywhere I go – walking to the shop, in the pub, driving to the supermarket and so on… That way you’ll maximise your opportunities to get a shot and – as important – you’ll minimise the chances that you miss that fleeting moment, the minute when the clouds break and the sky is amazing etc etc. Having my SLR with me as frequently as I can possibly manage it means I’m more likely to pick it up and experiment when I have a spare moment and I can get shooting straight away when something catches my eye. I find this combination of planning some shoots, allowing yourself dedicated periods of looser, exploratory shooting time and then just having your camera with you as often as humanly possible works pretty well for living with the commitment of a photo-a-day challenge. Many thanks!

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