Kelvingrove Museum: Monday 16 January (365.360° Day 195)

Kelvingrove Museum at night.

photography photo picture image glasgow scotland architecture museum night sky clouds ghostly creative bw black and white B&W mono monochrome slow shutter long exposure ND filter building nikon d700 50mm tripod project365 365project photo a day

It took what seemed like ages for the clouds to break up a bit to give some definition between them and the night sky, but it was worth the wait in the end I think. As is so often the case, the clouds were pretty cool and moving perfectly for an approx. 15 – 20 sec exposure when I arrived at the location and while I set up but – somewhat predictably – as soon as I was ready the whole sky above the museums distinctive turrets was a big bank of cloud. Eventually they did clear and it was game on for six or seven exposures.

One final sting in the tail did rear its ugly head as I was walking back to the car – my ND filter fell onto the concrete car park and smashed in two. D’oh! An expensive accident. Oh well, worst things have happened – to be fair, the last thing I had smash on the ground was my face when I slipped on black ice in December – breaking three front teeth – so, in the grand scheme of things, a ruined filter ain’t so bad.


13 thoughts on “Kelvingrove Museum: Monday 16 January (365.360° Day 195)

  1. Great shot, the clouds look great and so does the museum. It’s been years since I was at Kelvingrove. Sorry to hear about your filter (and your teeth)!

    • Cheers buddy, the praise is muchos appreciated when coming from your good self. Been ages since I’ve been in for a visit as well – need to rectify that soon, there’s some great subjects to shoot inside too.

  2. I love your blog! I got my M. Phil from Glasgow School of Art and it is wonderful to see the city like this! Your photos are gorgeous, thank you for sharing them. (BTW shame about the ND filter!!)

      • Finn’s the best. He’s just enough of a “bad dog” to be interesting 😉

        I graduated from GSA in 2004, but I’m from New Jersey so I’ve been back home since then. I studied 2D/3D Motion Graphics while there. Love, love, love Glasgow, it was 2 of the best years of my life.

        • Cool, know what you mean – we have a kitten very much the same!

          Sounds like you’ll be glad to be back in Glasgow. Similarly, I’m really looking forward to my 1st proper trip to the states in March – doing SF, LA, Vegas, Grand Canyon, Yosemite & back via NY for a few days – very excited!!

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