West End Sunrise: Monday 2 January (365.360° Day 181)

Sunrise over the Glasgow University bell tower.

photography photo picture image glasgow scotland university gothic architecture building tower silhouette sunrise dawn sky clouds natural light dramatic contrast colour color nikon d700 project365 365project photo a day


6 thoughts on “West End Sunrise: Monday 2 January (365.360° Day 181)

      • Robjbc do you write about your derive’s that lead you to such beautiful findings? Have you ever written a poem based off the image you capture? At some point, I would like to use your photography as a story board to write. Would this be okay with you?

        • Hi, no I’ve not written a poem alongside one of the photos I’ve taken before now.

          I guess I tend to express myself in through the visuals and, wherever possible, to create in line with John Szarkowski’s assertion that “to quote out of context is the essence of the photographer’s craft,” allowing others to bring their thoughts, interpretations, poetry and memories to bear on the images. I’d also make a terrible poet!

          If you’d like to respond to some of the work with some poetry or prose that would be very interesting and definitely stay in touch and let me know what’s emerging from it. Many thanks.

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