365.360° Day 168: Tuesday 20 December – Blue Flowers

I spotted these on my way back home from the second of several trips I’ll be making to the dentist in the coming weeks. I love their faded shades of blue and purple.

photography photo picture image flowers blue purple colour color plants nature still life glasgow scotland nikon d700 50mm bokeh blur depth of field


7 thoughts on “365.360° Day 168: Tuesday 20 December – Blue Flowers

    • Many thanks. I think they’re quite unusual but very striking. I’ve noticed since capturing and publishing that the flowers also form a sort-of ‘S’ shape which I also quite like.

    • I know, they look quite painted don’t they? There’s actually a load of them on the next street up the hill from my flat. Don’t know what kind they are. There’s a few places I’ve seen them in Glasgow but never seen them anywhere else.

      • wow, now i have one reason to go to Glasgow, lool.
        by the way, it just reminds me of one kinda plant i’ve seen during one trip. it’s like painted leaves, but as plants on the ground. wish i could sent you the photo.

  1. Between these faded colours, another beauty is rising… You camera, I mean your eye of camera once again fascinated me. This is so beautiful, so artistic… Thank you, with my love, nia

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