365.360° Day 163: Thursday 15 December – West End Winter Sunset

Some days the sky is the shot.

photography photo picture image sunset sky clouds colours smoke winter glasgow scotland west end university nikon d700


8 thoughts on “365.360° Day 163: Thursday 15 December – West End Winter Sunset

    • Hey, many thanks. Your sunsets are great too – your first day in particular is a really striking one and a fantastic start to your project! I’ve just followed your blog so look forward to seeing your future posts. Good luck with it – it can be tough at times but it’s a very rewarding experience which will expand your techniques and develop your personal style, it’s also great fun!


      • Thank you very much. I’m kinda of a not very constant person so it is a sort of important thing to try to be able to take a good shot everyday. I’m looking forward to see your future posts as well.
        P.s. I really like the street photography part of your blog 🙂

        • I’m the same, but a photo-a-day project is really good for that – it keeps you shooting all the time (take your camera with you everywhere) and for every day you take a shot you’re proud of, it challenges you to maintain that level or even better it. Enjoy!

    • It’s not been too bad so far – couple of days of snow. It’s been quite mild really. There’s also been some really mad gales that have caused a fair bit of damage. I’m quite sure the first couple of months of 2012 will bring some baltic days and no doubt some snow and ice too!

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