365.360° Day 160: Monday 12 December – Connected


photography photo picture image scaffolding abstract construction building urban city development lines glasgow scotland nikon d700 colour color blue


130 thoughts on “365.360° Day 160: Monday 12 December – Connected

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  2. Yes we are, thanks to blogging world like WP. I see each pipe in the picture as an individual blogger connected to form a global community; a strong foundation for a freedom of expression – thoughts, emotions, ideas, moment in life and almost everything

    • It definitely something I’m enjoying about capturing and publishing images Patricia – especially with the more abstract stuff – it’s great to remove the context and see the different reactions!

      • I saw them in the construction of the fly-overs in my town. I also read all the comments to see the different interpretation of this picture. This is really a great way of observing different views.

        • There’s always a lot of scaffolding about with old buildings in Glasgow but I’ve never seen this much together in one place – it’s between two buildings in a terrace row where the building between’s been completely demolished.

          Totally agree: the amount and variety of interpretations is fascinating and fun. One of the brilliant and exciting elements of abstraction.

    • Thanks! I’m very much into B&W and I always love an abstract (like your planes by the way!) but I do love colour and what it can bring to some subjects a little too much to move to shooting exclusively in mono, so it’s often a (typically agonising) decision as to which side of the line to fall on with certain shots – especially for those shots where they feel like they have qualities that make them brilliant in either!! With this one I guess I just quite liked the dusky deep blue sky as a backdrop so left it in rather than convert but I do think a mono version would be cool too. Cheers!

  3. Looks like the frame work of a roller coaster.

    I’ve read through the others posts and it’s cool to hear our different interpretations. That’s the beauty of photography.

    • It’s scaffolding poles between two buildings (out of shot to create the abstraction) where a now demolished building once stood in Glasgow’s Merchant City. Thanks!

  4. This is amazing. You captured so impressively… “Connected” standing so meaningful too, metaphorically hit me, maybe because of the mood of the last days of 2011… Congratulations. Thank you, with my love, nia

  5. Nice image. The lack of clear details provokes a closer inspection and still remains mostly open ended. At first I thought it was the “Big Bamboo” installation that was on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

    • Wow! What an amazing memory to evoke – glad something abstract could elicit such a personal memory. It’s so great to see all these amazing, varied responses!

      • I have come back again and again to view your photo…(a first for me via word press)…I would like to frame this….Could you make it officially available, maybe, via your website for purchase? Thanks!

  6. The picture reminds me of scaffolding from when the housing industry boomed here in Atlanta. It was crazy, there was scaffolding everywhere. You could not drive into a neighborhood without seeing it on at least half a dozen houses. People were obsessed with the new.

  7. Reminds one of the vastly complex bamboo scaffolding used in some Asian cities. Construction, Industry and their collective contribution to modern society is fascinating. At least to a technical engineer that spent a lifetime contributing to many aspects of modernizing of the humanities of the world.

  8. We need to work together and support each other to get the job done. Like these connected beams, things get done more efficiently if we work together. This shows a deep message that we can all learn from.

  9. Thought provoking pic… depicting the inter connection of every element of the universe. congrats on being FP.

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