365.360° Day 135: Wednesday 16 November

It’s funny where the question, “What the f**k am I going to shoot today?” can get you…

Photography animals toys conceptual strobe flashgun strobism contrast surreal nikon d700 photo image


7 thoughts on “365.360° Day 135: Wednesday 16 November

    • Nope, set it up (which took for-f-ing-ever, particularly positioning the bird lights [had to take them off our bookshelves first!] and hiding wires etc). I used two sheets of black card as a backdrop and a cd wallet as a base.

      There’s a set-up shot here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/33790332@N05/6351183763/in/set-72157628019298977

      I added bursts from my SB-900 at 1/32 over an 8s exposure at f/20.

      Worked on saturation, split tones and curves in ACR and then square-cropped as it felt the most natural framing for the compostion.

      Setting it up was a bit of a ball-ache to get a nice composition but I feel it did pay off in the end.

  1. I love this. Just fantastic. Love the giant rabbit and his little friends. The lighting is wonderful. And just a hell of a lot of fun. Glad you went to so much work setting it up in real life vs. Photoshop. Really good stuff here.

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