365.360° Day 49: 21 August 2011

Over there.

Three people walk along a street in Glasgow, black and white, street photgraphy


2 thoughts on “365.360° Day 49: 21 August 2011

  1. I love black and white photography. To be more specific, I love black and white street photography of people. The reason why I like black and white is because I feel as if the viewer, having less colors to look at, can focus better on the details of the photo. I like the composition of this photo a lot. Although it’s nothing unusual, people walking down the street that is, the fact that these three are lined up from tallest to shortest is hilarious. I don’t know if that was intentional on their part or your part, but it adds appeal to the photo.

    Anyhow, great shot!

    If you find a minute, please visit my photoblog at the link provided below. I’m also an amateur photographer who is starting out in this field. Feel free to subscribe and leave a comment – even if it’s a harsh critique of my work. Thanks!


    • Hi Jerry,

      Cheers for the positive feedback! Totally agree with you on the B&W for street photography. The nature of street photography means that backgrounds will often be cluttered and full of lots of distractions and colours. B&W is the perfect way to eliminate those and focus the viewer’s attention on the subject. This was a total fluke, I don’t know these guys, just snapped them as the walked past me when I was out for a few minutes grabbing some milk. They looked kind of interesting bunch (in a Glasgow West End hopeless-hipster kind of way) and didn’t think it would add up to much to be honest, was hoping to catch them front on but had passed once I was able to shoot. Once i’d got it up on screen I, like you, thought the pattern in their heights was quite cool but also liked the way the middle guy’s finger is pointing behind his back in the direction his friends are looking but he’s not. Like some evil hipster puppet master…

      Just checked out your site. Loving The View, 2 Guys 1 Bench and The Joy Ride which rocks. Nice work.


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