365.360° Day 27

Took a trip with friends out to Falls of Falloch (about 50m north of Glasgow).

A picnic on a gloriously, blisteringly hot day, and swimming about in the icy cool waters in the pool beneath the falls: lovely stuff.

Against everyone else’s advice I was the only member of the group to not don a wetsuit when heading in for a swim. I can’t lie, for the first couple of minutes that felt like one of the stupidest decisions in 28 years rammed full of stupid decisions, but I did warm up. Eventually….

Anyway, Falls of Falloch is a popular beauty spot and has become particularly popular with neds (Scottish for chavs) of late. Particularly since videos of people tombstoning down the falls have started appearing on YouTube.

Anyway, did make for some cool shots, just hope they took all their empty beer cans and Buckfast bottles home with them…

A man tombstones from the top of the Falls of Falloch, near Glasgow.


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